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Corey likes animating excerpts from the podcast; Click and watch!

Toonfoolery 8: Bus Ride for Love
(clip from Ep. 146: Bus ride for love)

Toonfoolery 7: Bangkok
(clip from Ep. 114: A breasted development)

Toonfoolery 6: Fast Money
(clip from Ep. 45: Soy green tea latte no foam no syrup)

Toonfoolery 5: Franklin the Turtle
(clip from Ep. 32: But don’t take MY word for it)

Toonfoolery 4: Get Out
(clip from Ep. 16: Anjelica Huston likes it…)

Toonfoolery 3: East Coast Fling
(clip from Ep. 14: This weird metal taste in my mouth)

Toonfoolery 2: Advice
(clip from Ep. 10: You won’t be a virgin much longer)

Toonfoolery 1: Ontario Song
(clip from Ep. 9: A safe sweat house)